Jun 27, 2023 – The Freedom Lesson 4 | A Sage Speaks



  • David P October 15, 2023

    Technical question: Is there a way to watch these recordings and be able to save where I left off watching them? I typically cannot finish watching a session in one sitting and I always lose my place. When I watch something on YouTube, it always saves where I left off. Maybe there is some way to watch this in a Vimeo app? When I watch it on the website, it always starts over...

    • Lyndon July 9, 2023

      Another great class thank you all and the questions were too. Just my words here ‘its like Pticha is the mechanics and The Freedom is the accompanying narrative and the two go hand in hand’. I feel like I am deeply taking this in so much and I am determined to progress even over the bumps. Thanks. Lyndon S.

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