10 Step Kabbalah Fat Loss and Muscle Gain | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Health has always been valued in society, and today the idea of losing fat while gaining muscle has gained significant popularity as a means to a great body and excellent health. Kabbalah deals with building the soul, not the body. Yet while it doesn’t deal with the body, the principles, do’s and don’ts of fat loss and muscle gain plans hold interesting parallels in our spiritual health. This is what we will investigate in this Kabbalah Explained Simply session. * What is the difference between body and soul? * What is your soul? * What is the fat on your soul and how do you lose it? * What are your soul’s muscles and how do you build them? Our body contains a vast interconnected and interdependent network of cells, organs, and other functions working in unison for the body’s sustenance and health. Likewise, our soul is an interconnected and interdependent entity containing all of us as its parts. Therefore, we would be wise to learn the wider interconnected and interdependent entity that we are all parts of—our soul—what it means to maintain spiritual health and wellbeing, how to get rid of its unnecessary fat and gain lean muscle, in order to vitalize, energize, and awaken our soul with new life.


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