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The music of Kabbalah is an expression of the Kabbalist’s yearning to enter into contact with the Creator, and the completeness of such a connection.

Unlike the linguistic communication of Kabbalistic concepts, structures and processes, Kabbalistic music transfers the intimate connection of a person with their soul directly and quickly.

Listening to the Kabbalistic nigunim (Heb. melodies) lets the listener absorb the music deeply in their soul in a much more direct and emotional way, with less disruption by the intellect.

As the music of our world connects with the corporeal, personal and earthly emotions of its composers, performers and listeners, Kabbalistic music likewise communicates emotion, but one stemming from contact with the upper world: an emotion of breaking through the egoistic shell separating us from nature’s wholeness, and entering into a new wide harmonious world with a completely new altruistic sense of reality, i.e. the perception and sensation of the soul.


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