Seven Basic Principles of Kabbalah | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Kabbalah is a treasury of wisdom. It explains to us who we are, where we are going, and what is our purpose. It gives us a VIP opportunity to look behind the scenes of the world’s processes and take the reins of our destiny into our own hands.

There are main principles that make up the wisdom of Kabbalah and turn it into a practical method of recognizing and attaining the upper goal of our existence and leading us to improve and enlighten our lives.

Top secret in the past, today the principles of Kabbalah are ready to be revealed before each person that desires it.

Join Gil Shir for this session and get a unique opportunity to learn about the upper force that we are living in, its qualities, why we are opposed to it, how it influences the world, what two paths we have to advance, and how studying Kabbalistic sources helps us to step on the path of light.


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