Annulment of the Source of Noise in Our Lives | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Noise is a problem we constantly deal with in our lives. From interferences in our communication systems through to noise pollution, noise is the undesirable and unexpected information that enters our lives. Moreover, conceptually, we regularly emit noise into our environment, which works to our detriment.

What is the noise that we constantly emit into our environment that works to our detriment? How can we identify our lives’ noise source? Also, is it possible to reduce and even eliminate noise in order to enjoy a noise-free life?

According to Kabbalah, it is. And the way to do so is called the way of annulment.

In this Kabbalah Explained Simply, Markos explains the source of noise rooted in our very perception, and how with a Kabbalistic technique called “annulment” we can annul this noise source and resonate with the pure signal that nature wants to transmit to us.


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