Top 10 Secrets of Authentic Kabbalah | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Why has authentic Kabbalah been kept secret for two millennia? Why is it becoming disclosed today? Also, what are Kabbalah’s deepest secrets? In this Kabbalah Explained Simply with Joseph (Asaf) Ohayon, delve into ten of the juiciest secrets of authentic Kabbalah, including the answers to… Where did we come from, and where are we headed? What is the soul, and how do we get in touch with it? Are reincarnations real, and what happens when we die? What are the ten Sefirot and the Tree of Life? What are the five spiritual worlds, and how do we access them? Do we have free choice or is everything predetermined? What is the secret of the Hebrew letters? What is actually written in the Book of Zohar? … as well as other deeply hidden secrets that are all set to become disclosed TODAY. Don’t be left behind as more and more people find out the deepest secrets of our life! This is a jam-packed session of Kabbalah Explained Simply that you really don’t want to miss—all with the aim of covering these secrets in a crash-course fashion. What are you waiting for? Hold onto your seats and take off on reality’s most ASTONISHING roller coaster ride!


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