How to Attain Collective Consciousness | Kabbalah Explained Simply

We all live in the collective consciousness. However, rising above our unconsciousness and perceiving the collective consciousness depends on how much we actively participate with such consciousness.

In other words, we can break through our individualistic perception of reality and enter a sensation of the collective if we unify with others, i.e., setting ourselves up to sense and satisfy their wishes and needs at least as much as we wish to satisfy our own.

By doing so, we gradually uncover a broader perception of reality than the one we were born into and came to know in our individualistic upbringings.

We find this new collective portrayal of reality outside our self-aimed thoughts and desires, but within each and every one of us, i.e., in the place where we relate to others as to our own selves.

Discovering such a state means discovering completion, wholeness, harmony and a pure sense of happiness.


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