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The Zohar describes the spiritual world, i.e. the desires, intentions and actions of the created being when in contact with the Creator.
Since we exist in an opposite corporeal reality, we cannot understand a single word about the spiritual world.

We are born and raised in an egoistic human nature, which aims to self-benefit, and considers its own fulfillment and pleasure before that of anyone or anything else’s.

Thus, when we read The Zohar with no prior preparation, it appears as if it is written in a foreign language (even if we read it in our native tongue), with strange fables and other depictions that seem to be codified.

No matter how much we try to make connections with what we read in The Zohar, if we have no perception and sensation of the spiritual world, through an opposite giving sense to our inborn receptive senses, then we have no access to understanding and feeling what The Zohar truly describes.

In addition, both The Zohar itself and various Kabbalists discuss the notion of The Zohar’s revelation in our times, that specifically in our era, more and more people would feel a need for what The Zohar contains.

Therefore, what is the immense depth that this book holds, and how can we approach it in a way where we can reap the most benefit from it?

Join Gil Shir in this special Kabbalah Explained Simply episode on The Zohar to find out.


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