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The ten Sefirot, also known as the Tree of Life, is the structure that we discover as we spiritually ascend from our world to our life’s source.
Spiritual ascent through the Sefirot takes place the moment we discover our soul while in our world. The discovery of our soul is an outcome of drawing a special spiritual energy known as “the light” into our world.
The light develops our initial seed of the soul, which many people in the world feel today. The seed of the soul is a desire for spirituality, known as “the point in the heart,” questions about our life’s deeper meaning and purpose that we cannot find answers to in our corporeal desires.
By drawing the light on our point in the heart, we expand it into a soul, and that soul evolves into ten complete qualities called “Sefirot.” The soul’s complete structure is known as a “Partzuf.”
We draw the spiritual light into those qualities—the Sefirot—and by doing so, we start sensing the spiritual reality.
In other words, we are given Sefirot in order to perceive the spiritual world.
There is a will in nature’s plan that we attain the Sefirot in order to harmonize with nature, becoming its partner. Doing so lets us experience much more joy and awareness in our lives, as through the Sefirot, we ultimately discover the workings of our soul, and then know what we can do at every moment to optimally guide ourselves to none less than spiritual perfection.


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