Do We Have Free Will Kabbalah Says No, But… | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Free will is fundamental to our lives. Questions such as, “Do we have free will?” and “If we have freedom of will, where exactly do we have it?” have been asked throughout history, and even if we have reached conclusions that we have no free will, deep down, we believe that we do.

This is because it goes against our desire to accept that we are merely robots carrying out commands, and so it is embedded in our current level of awareness of reality that we can make choices, and that we can make them freely.

However, this is due to having no perception of a force that acts “behind the scenes,” so to speak. We have no sense of the laws that materialize everything we experience in life.

What, then, is freedom? Also, why is it important to understand whether and where exactly we are free?

It is important to understand why, where, and how we have free will because we exert a lot into making our way in life the best that we possibly can, chasing goals and pleasures through and through, in order to ultimately satisfy ourselves.

But what is this “self” of ours that we are constantly trying to satisfy?

This search for self is the deeper search for freedom that we are actually trying to find the whole time, i.e., to not be under commands, but to be able to build our lives according to what we want, and to reach achievements that we ourselves determine.


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