The Power of Prayer | Kabbalah Explained Simply

What is the power of prayer? A prayer is a sincere need for help from a higher power that ripens in us, and when this desire is ready, it ascends from the lowest depths of creation to the height of reality—the Creator.

The Creator is a quality of pure giving and love, and we—the created being—are an opposite quality of reception.

While the Creator constantly gives, and we constantly receive, when we reach a sincere prayer from the bottom of our heart for the Creator’s help, then we receive differently from the Creator to how we normally receive.

We normally receive the Creator’s endless giving and love in passing corporeal desires for food, sex, family, money, honor, control and knowledge. If we develop our prayer to the Creator, and learn how to request not corporeal fulfillments, but a spiritual one—to become all loving and giving as the Creator—then we receive that elated spiritual ability, elevating above our transient world into a new eternal and whole world of perfection.


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