COVID and the New Level of Humanity | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Thank you COVID for taking humanity to it’s next level! Join Gil Shir to learn about the next level of human emergence.

The primary law of nature is the law of equilibrium between its interconnected parts. The connections between parts are made by balancing two forces: giving (+) and receiving (-). All parts of nature, inanimate, vegetative, and animate maintain balance instinctively. They unconsciously follow nature’s laws.

Instead, human connections are driven by egoistic attitudes (-), and thus, taking all the natural systems out of balance. The law of equilibrium makes the system restore the lost balance. It surprises us with various blows, problems and illnesses.

Accordingly, COVID appears to be a litmus paper for us to identify who we are, what is the system that we live in, and how we can harmoniously match with that system.

The virus shows us how interconnected we are, even though our individual perceptions fail to completely view that fact. COVID-19 is nature’s tool that helps us become conscious of the general system of nature, and our place and role in it, and by doing so, it leads us to a new level of human emergence.

When each individual starts changing his or her attitude from (-) to (+), it will influence the entire structure and all of its components, bringing it into balance with the law of equilibrium. Will there be a virus if the system is balanced? Obviously, not.


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