What Is the Connection Between Body and Soul | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Do we really have a soul? How are these two, body and soul, connected? Is there a soul receiver somewhere in a person’s brain, or is it all a completely different story?

The wisdom of Kabbalah says “No.” An individual human being does not have a soul, but just an informational data called Reshimo, one’s spiritual self. And a body is actually not a body, as we are used to thinking, but a desire that needs to be corrected.

Though we don’t have individual souls, the soul itself, indeed, exists. It is a universal common entity outside our physical bodies and beyond this world of space, time, and motion. The only thing that is in us coming from that soul is a point in the heart–a desire for spirituality, for love. Sooner or later, in pain or with pleasure, we all will have to develop that desire and attain our soul.


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