The Zohar’s Infinite Power | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Why does the Zohar have a stronger power than any other Kabbalistic book?

The Zohar was written in the period of transition to the exile of the people of Israel by a small group who experienced that transition while attaining all 125 spiritual degrees.

Living in an opposition between a shattered egoistic state that the people of Israel fell to, the authors of The Zohar united above the heightened ego of the time, and established a newfound difference between the heights of spiritual attainment and the lows of our world’s bigger and coarser ego.

The difference between these Kabbalists and the people of Israel ended up spanning from plus-to-minus infinity.

This is a major reason why The Zohar holds immense significance for our current era: that as the ego grows and causes more and more social divisions, The Zohar encases the power that anybody who so wishes can use to rise above the ego’s gravitational downward pull, and experience the spiritual world of perfection and harmony.


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