COVID and the Next Level of Humanity | Kabbalah Explained Simply

COVID is pushing us toward the next level of humanity: the higher level of connection between people.

Simply observing COVID, we can reach the followings conclusions:

We all are interconnected. Besides people’s health conditions, the coronavirus has heavily affected our social and economic systems.

We are fragile, i.e., we are helpless before an unknown threat and can easily fall apart.

We are not above nature. We exist within its laws, and therefore are subjects to it.

Crisis brings us together. Facing the problem that affects everyone, we are more likely to search for a common solution.

The wisdom of Kabbalah adds to this list the answer to what it is all for.

There are two forces operating reality: positive (plus, giving) and negative (minus, receiving). In the evolution process, which leads us to building one united entity, the negative force develops naturally, taking the entire system out of balance, while the positive one should be brought up by us, human beings.

Today’s individualistic approach to life has awakened the negative force of nature, calling out an “illness” in the system manifested as the coronavirus.

Therefore, if we want to get rid of the coronavirus, we have to extract the positive force out of nature, through our conscious connection and cooperation.

By doing so, we will balance the system and be brought to the next level of human emergence.


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