What’s the Difference between Kabbalah and Philosophy | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Join Gil Shir in Kabbalah Explained Simply where we’ll discuss what’s similar and different between Kabbalah and philosophy.

From first sight, it might seem that Kabbalah and philosophy are very close, which is true. However, while philosophy talks about beautiful ideals and ideas, the wisdom of Kabbalah provides us with a practical method of how to get there and make our lives more fulfilled, happier, and healthier.

Was philosophy adopted from the Jews? What is forbidden in Kabbalah, but very common in philosophy? How is the concept of matter and form explained by the wisdom of Kabbalah? Why can we only consider reality from the way we perceive it, rather than abstractly?


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  • delores lupu felis December 25, 2020

    the color of the sky

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