What Will Be the Future of Humanity? | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Are you worried about the future of humanity? Do you think that we will develop from bad to worse as we head into the future, or that we will undergo a shift to a good future? What can we and can’t we know about humanity’s future? In this Kabbalah Explained Simply—”What Will Be the Future of Humanity?”—we will examine Kabbalah’s prism that views everything in existence as a result of interaction between two forces—giving and receiving. When these two forces work harmoniously, life flows peacefully in its course. When they clash, we need to deal with several problems and crises. These forces have been around ever since the universe’s beginnings, and we can see them at work in the creation of our planet, as well as in every aspect of our lives: family, economy, politics, ecology, and health. When we understand this prism, we can identify the underlying forces that have been at work throughout every event in history. Also, with this knowledge, we gain access to start mastering these forces on personal, social, national, and global scales and harnessing them to our and humanity’s benefit.


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