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What is the difference between the Kabbalists who preceded and succeeded Kabbalist Isaac Luria (the ARI)? What changed in the approach to teaching and studying the wisdom of Kabbalah during the time of the ARI? How is Lurianic Kabbalah designed to fit the contemporary ego and logic-based worldviews?

In “Lurianic Kabbalah – Why Everything Changed After the ARI’s Appearance” with Lio Spiegler, we will explore one of history’s most impactful Kabbalists and the major transformation that he brought to the method of Kabbalah.


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  • Abdelatif Elfahal January 23, 2024

    Thanks Lio, now you helped each one of us to stand ready to receive from ARI, would you please continue the journey of ARI and start a new simple course of the Structure of the Upper World, infused with up to date terms and definitions.

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