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The wisdom of Kabbalah is a study of the spiritual worlds. By studying the spiritual worlds, we become connected to them and start experiencing reality in a way that makes us see how it is possible to live without a body, only with our souls.

Through the wisdom of Kabbalah, we learn how souls descend to this world and become dressed in bodies, how our future is determined, what the past was, and what is the reason for everything.

This is how we will become able to know the causes and effects of what happens in our lives, and we will come to know how to relate to our future and correct it.

In order to do so, we need to gain access to the spiritual worlds. We were created in order to live in all the worlds, and the more we progress, the more we will feel a need to discover these worlds. Kabbalah gives us the ability to discover them sooner rather than later, granting us a method to attain them out of our own free will, through learning, wisdom, and increasing connectivity.


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