Ascents and Descents in Spiritual Development | Kabbalah Explained Simply

On the spiritual path, we go through several states, but in general, they can be summarized as ascents and descents. While we are in the preparation period before entering spirituality, we undergo a “demo version” of these ascents and descents in our uncorrected egoistic desire. Later, when we enter spirituality through the ego’s correction, and we start perceiving and working directly with the quality of love, bestowal, and connection, then we experience spiritual ascents and descents completely differently. For several centuries, kabbalists have recorded their findings and their guidance on how to navigate through ascents and descents in the spiritual path in order to reach the final spiritual goal: complete equivalence and balance with the eternal and perfect form of nature. Learn all about spiritual ascents and descents, how they work, and gain some pointers on how to navigate through them in this Kabbalah Explained Simply with Gil Shir.


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