Your Identity Is Your Superpower | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Why are more and more people experiencing an identity crisis in our era? Why are so many people questioning their sense of self? As we live through an era of immense change, it has become a norm for more and more people to question who they are, whether it be in relation to relationships, age, career, role in society, values, spirituality, beliefs, interests, and in general, their meaning and purpose in life. According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, it is a natural part of human development to question our identity, and it is important for us to seek out our true identity because by doing so, we eventually come to discover it—and it is nothing less than eternal and perfect existence. Our identity is not defined by our professions, expertise, and careers. Also, significantly, various crises of our era such as the coronavirus pandemic show us just how fragile our professional identities are. Identity is rather defined by our connection to the root of our soul. By attaining the root of our soul, we also attain clear knowledge of our role in nature and the universe. Moreover, the more we develop and find ourselves questioning our true identity, the more we discover the vast extent of our interconnectedness and interdependence. Why? It is precisely in the realization of our positive interdependent connection to everyone that we discover our true “superpower” identity. In this respect, we have each been given a completely equal opportunity to discover our roles as positive parts of interconnected and interdependent humanity, and by doing so, realize a newfound perfection and a higher eternal level of life.


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