Zohar Reading for World Peace | Kabbalah Explained Simply

How can we achieve world peace? What forces do we need in order to bring about a much better, harmonious, and peaceful world—one where humanity experiences no less than perfection?

The Book of Zohar reveals that the crises and pains we experience are intended to make us realize how far we are from the perfection of the spiritual reality and to enable our attainment of that reality.

Reading The Zohar thus requires raising the importance of internality (the spiritual qualities of love, bestowal, and connection) over externality (the corporeal qualities of egoism, hatred, and division).

By doing so, we will elevate ourselves to a higher spiritual state, where we discover a harmonious and peaceful world.



  • Margaret June 2, 2022

    I pray with Love and Peace in my Heart for all, who are suffering. Margaret

    • KatieBug March 22, 2022

      i cannot get any of the videos to play, everytime i click on a video it pulls up a screenshot of the video but does not give me the option to play, only download, and the download button is not working either.

      • Kinga March 16, 2022


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