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Does nature control, or are we in control? The nature vs. nurture debate has existed for generations, and at the heart of the discourse is the question about our free will.

Do we have free will? We can say that we have an innate desire to be free. At face value, we generally accept that we can make our own decisions, and that we have the free will to decide one way or another. Also, humanity has been through many revolutions and uprisings in the quest for freedom. But if we delve into the meaning of “freedom,” we’ll find that it loses its face value clarity.

Moreover, why should it even matter whether or not you have free will? Isn’t it enough to just keep on living, try to make the best decisions you possibly can, and try to make the most out of life?

The reason it matters is because the meaning of our lives depends on our ability to make a free choice, and by working out exactly where we do and do not have free will, we can then apply our efforts to direct our lives to discover its meaning.

Join Gil Shir in this Nature vs. Nurture session of Kabbalah Explained Simply to start scratching the surface of what Kabbalists have discovered regarding free will.


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