What Is Higher Consciousness | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Where are we? We think we live in a material reality that we picture outside of ourselves, and we hold no other perception, so we tell ourselves a story—but it is only a story.

Kabbalah explains that we are shattered pieces of a similar consciousness. We start our journey as shattered pieces, which is why we think that we are in a body and that there is a material world, but what we perceive is various shapes and layers of our own consciousness.

What if, in our illusion of the material world, we could find people whom we could wake up from this life with, as if out of a dream—breaking out of the illusion of our separation—and discover that we are all one, above time, space, motion, and matter?

Find out what is higher consciousness and how to unlock it with Joseph (Asaf) Ohayon in this Kabbalah Explained Simply.


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