KabU Kabbalah Retreat 2021- Prep | Kabbalah Explained Simply

We are so excited to announce our live festive event to celebrate connection and prepare for our upcoming KabU Kabbalah Retreat. This live Q&A is open to anyone who is into learning about how to attain spirituality in an atmosphere of joy and uplifting unity. What’s going to happen at this festive event? * FIND OUT the latest updates that could help make it possible for you to attend the KabU Kabbalah Retreat. * PARTICIPATE in contests and win special surprises. * ASK your hearts away and have all your questions answered live by the coolest instructors ever. * SHARE a lot of laughs together and celebrate connection. * GAIN a boost of inspiration and meet other fellow students who will be connecting live to this festive event. Can’t wait to see you online, the more the merrier! 🙂 And if you haven’t gotten your tickets for the retreat yet, what are you waiting for? Time is quickly running out to save on your ticket with the early bird discount… MAKE IT REAL – KabU Kabbalah Retreat 2021 – If you’ve felt something from this wisdom, then take it to the next level! – October 1-3 – Attend In-Person or Virtually


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