What Is the Ego | Kabbalah Explained Simply

Hey, this is Gil Shir with a Kabbalah Explained Simply session.

In this video, we’ll talk about what is ego in Kabbalah.

There is an ongoing discussion about the human ego happening around the world. Is our ego bad? Or is it good? How can we get rid of our ego? Or can we ever survive without it?

Up to now, all that we’ve known about our ego is just the tip of the iceberg. In the wisdom of Kabbalah, the concept of the ego, or a self-centered desire to receive pleasure, has great importance and weight. The word “Kabbalah” itself in Hebrew means “receiving.”

Though Kabbalah generally talks about altruism, the upper world of love and bestowal, the desire is the general point of all creation, and thus, the recognition of the human ego is the foundation for any further advancement and correction of our desire.

Understanding one’s ego and obtaining practical instruments for working with it provides both a person and society in general with a new opportunity for healthy development and overall success.

Join us and learn how to take control over your ego and find your place in between the two fundamental forces operating our reality, egoism and altruism, balancing and harmonizing them.


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